What Is CollabIgnite?

CollabIgnite provides growth acceleration training, marketing and business solutions for our motivated, inspired and action focused community. We coordinate resources, speakers, and advisors who give the ‘How-to’ abilities and state of mind to get businesses off the ground, to handle a major project or to accomplish something fundamentally extraordinary.

CollabIgnite Mastermind comprises of segments intended to give not only “a much more accelerated” business insight, but also interactive workshops, resources and accountability sessions to ensure business prosperity resulting in a personal “solid way of life”.

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Business Solutions
Mentorship Program
Project Planning
Business Management
Business Funding
Technology Solutions
Unlimited Data Backup, Etc.
Legal Agreements
Market Growth Development
Strategic Planning, Short and Long-Term
Access to Business Intelligence and Information
Financial Management
Operations Management
Government Contracting
International Trade
Business Continuity
Business Succession Planning